Spread the word

Become a self-appointed Magnetocoin ambassador. Tell your friends and family about it. Ask your favorite shops to let you pay with Magnetocoin. You can even donate Magnetocoin to someone in need. How very noble of you. Much Respect!

Run a Full Node

A full node is a program that validates transactions on the Magnetocoin blockchain. Since Magnetocoin is fully decentralized, meaning there is no central authority that owns or operates it, the network has to be supported and maintained entirely by individual computers running full nodes.

Contribute to Magnetocoin

Magnetocoin.com is free software. If you are a web developer and a devoted mutant, you can help maintain the official magnetocoin website and add features.

Educate others about Magnetocoin

Some mutants want to know more than the basics. They need teachers. If you are well-informed about Magnetocoin, you can post educational videos about it online, write blog posts, share info on social media, and so much more. Anything that makes people better educated about Magnetocoin is good for Magnetocoin.

Become a Developer

Magnetocoin is free software. If you are a software developer, you can use your mutantpowers to do good and improve Magnetocoin. You can even build amazing new services or software that use Magnetocoin.